2018 Entry Details & Rules


Dear Marlborough wine producers,

Wine Marlborough is delighted to announce that entries for the eighth annual Marlborough Wine Show open on the 27 August and will close on 21 September. Judging is 15-17 October at the Marlborough Convention Centre.

The Marlborough Wine Show showcases all of the region’s wine styles and also demonstrates the significant sub-regional and style diversity of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir


The Marlborough Wine Show will review and assess entries using three panels of experienced judges and reward top-performing wines with trophies, gold, silver and bronze medals. The show will provide a relevant, credible platform for Marlborough producers to promote their wines and will also be a celebration of excellence – not only of Marlborough wines, but the local industry as a whole.


International Judge and media judge

We are very pleased to announce that our guest international judge, Dr. Jamie Goode will be joined by experienced wine commentator John Saker, wine writer for Stuff.

The Marlborough Museum Legacy Award will again be awarded to the wine producer with the highest scores for three vintages within a ten-year period. This can be for any wine style. Please note the entry criteria and entry form are on a separate document.

A new addition is The Coterie Provenance Award which will be awarded to the best single vineyard current release vintage wine from any class. Please note the entry criteria and entry form are on a separate document.

The trophies will be announced at a special celebration lunch on October 26 where we tip our hats to participants and celebrate the Marlborough wine industry. Wine Marlborough will be announcing the Wine Marlborough Lifetime Achievement Award at the lunch. Given the short proximity between the show and the celebration lunch we urge you to contact us early to secure tickets.

We look forward to receiving your entries and delivering you a powerful vehicle from which to promote your wines. Should you have any queries, comments or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact myself Harriet Wadworth, Competition Coordinator.


Marcus Pickens, Competition Director



General entry information                    

Entries open on Monday 27 August and close on Friday 21 September 2018.

There is an entry form accompanying this document. Entries may be submitted as follows:

  1. Online at wineshow.co.nz
  2. Emailed to harriet@wine-marlborough.co.nz
  3. Posted to Marlborough Wine Show, PO Box 511, Blenheim, 7240, Marlborough

The entry fee is NZ$65.00 plus GST per wine. A GST Tax Invoice will be sent to you, due for payment on receipt. Entries not paid for will not be judged.

Payment for entries can be made via direct credit to bank account number 06 0601 0182911 00 (Reference: MWS and the invoice number), or by cheque made payable to ‘Wine Marlborough Limited’ and mailed to Wine Marlborough PO Box 511, Blenheim 7240, Marlborough.

Judging labels for wine samples will be sent to entrants shortly after entries close.  Please do not send the wine(s) until you have affixed these labels to the bottles.

You will also receive an address template for the carton/s containing the entry samples. Samples must be delivered in a sealed box by 5 October 2018. Please, no polystyrene.

Bottles required for judging purposes are as follows:

Style Closure Size No. required
Sparkling wines Non-cork 750ml 3
Sparkling wines Cork 750ml 4
Still table wines Screwcap 750ml 3
Still table wines Non-screwcap 750ml 4
Still table wines Screwcap or non-screwcap 375ml 5


The sub-regions

Sub-regions are defined as per Wine Marlborough as follows:

  • Wairau Valley – including Rapaura, Lower Wairau, Upper Wairau, Conder’s Bend, Renwick, Kaituna
  • Southern Valleys – including Ben Morven, Brancott, Fairhall, Omaka, Waihopai
  • Awatere – including Redwood Pass, Dashwood, Seaview, Seddon, Blind River and south


Wines will be judged as per the Schedule of Classes and evaluated on the standard 20 point scale with medals awarded on the following basis:

  • Gold = 18.5 points or over
  • Silver = 17.0 to 18.4
  • Bronze = 15.5 to 16.9

Chair of judges is the very experienced wine judge, industry figure and Wine Marlborough board member Jack Glover. The judges are:  Anna Flowerday – Winemaker, Te Whare Ra, Ben Glover – Winemaker, The Coterie, Helen Morrison – Senior Winemaker, Villa Maria, Jeremy McKenzie – Chief Winemaker, Pinnacle Drinks NZ, Matt Murphy – Chief Winemaker, Mount Riley, Wendy Stuckey – Chief Winemaker, Constellation Brands, Dr Jamie Goode – wine commentator and John Saker – wine writer.

Tastings for the Industry

After Tuesday and Wednesday’s judging, local wine industry personnel are invited to come and taste the wines that have been opened that day.

The Marlborough Museum Legacy Award

This will be awarded to the wine producer with the highest scores for three vintages within a ten year period. This can be for any wine style. Please note the criteria and entry form on a separate document.

The Coterie Provenance Award

This will be awarded to the best single vineyard current release wine from any category based on the highest pointed wine for any single vineyard entry with a tasting to select the best if required. Please note the criteria and entry form on a separate document.

Cresswell Jackson New Zealand Wine Trust

Despite requesting the least number possible, there are always a number of bottles of wine that are excess to requirements. Wine Marlborough admired the ambition and ethical treatment of the wines that the founders of the Marlborough Wine Show implemented and will follow their process. Wine Marlborough agreed to donate the first years proceeds once again to the Cresswell Jackson New Zealand Wine Trust arising from the auctioned wine. The funds can be used by grantees for research or specific projects to further develop and/or enhance the local industry. The auction will take place following the judging and industry tasting on Wednesday evening at 6pm, 17 October at the Marlborough Convention Centre.


Key Dates                                                                                                

Activity 2018
Entries open 27 August
Entries close 21 September
Labels sent to entrants for attaching to judging samples 25 September
Wine samples for judging to be received by 5 October
Judging at Marlborough Convention Centre, Blenheim 15-17 October
Industry tastings following the days’ judging 16-17 October
Auction of unopened bottles of wine not required for judging purposes 17 October
Results notified to entrants 19 October
Celebration of the Marlborough wine industry and announcement of the 2018 Marlborough Wine Show trophies 26 October


Entry Conditions


  1. Wines entered must be made from a minimum of 95% Marlborough grapes. Wines can be entered by wine-producers, distributors or agents. Any number of wines may be entered including those that have been entered before.
  2. All wines entries must be taken from, and therefore be representative of, a homogeneous quantity of wine. Such wine may be produced in multiple lots or bottlings provided that:
  • Every lot and/or bottling is composed of identical source materials blended in identical proportions and subjected to identical winemaking practices and processes as far as practically achievable in terms of good winemaking practice.
  • Every lot and/or bottling is consistent in terms of sensory characteristics and chemical profile, allowing for analytical tolerances and the effects of maturation.
  • It is fully consistent with all wine produced under that same label in that vintage and with that available in the market.
  1. No tank or barrel samples permitted.
  1. Wines entered must comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to winemaking and labeling.
  2. Wines entered must be labelled and sealed as if for sale (ref ANZFA and EAN). A new vintage wine may carry a temporary label but must state all necessary regulatory information. A copy of the intended label would be suitable but must be applied both font and back.
  3. Entrants are required to have, for current vintage wines, a minimum of 50 cases of stock following release of the competition results. It is advised that all trophy and medal-winning wines be available for general sale to meet the inevitable consumer demand following publicity from the event.
  4. While every effort will be made to ensure wines are judged in the correct class, it is the entrant’s responsibility to:
    1. Ensure that the wine is entered into the correct class and sub-class. We strongly recommend the winemaker oversees the entry.
    2. Ensure the wine and vintage as completed on the entry form is the wine that is entered and labelled and sent for judging.
    3. Ensure that wines to be judged are received at the correct address by the due date.
  1. By submitting an entry into the Marlborough Wine Show, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the competition.
  2. If a wine is withdrawn, entry fees will only be refunded if judging labels have not been produced.
  3. Late entries, if accepted at the discretion of the Competition Director, will be charged at a fee of $90 plus GST per wine entered.
  4. The Competition Director reserves the right not to judge wines or to withhold results until outstanding entry fees are paid.
  5. Any producer or supplier that breaches the rules of the 2018 Marlborough Wine Show will be disqualified, have medals or trophies withdrawn and may be prevented from entering the competition in future.
  6. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Competition Director, Chief Judge and organisers shall be final.
  7. Entrants whose wines receive a gold medal are required to provide six bottles free of charge for the Awards Lunch and permit the organisers to purchase more if required.


  1. Any advertising, promotion or publicity relating to or referring to medals, awards, trophies or accolades won in this competition must not be false, misleading or deceptive.
  2. References in any advertising, promotion or publicity to awards or trophies won in this competition (including the use of medal stickers) may only be made in respect of the wine represented by the entry bearing the label details under which the wine was entered. Therefore even if the exact same wine is bottled under another label, this label will not be eligible to carry any medal/trophy/accolade reference.
  3. Any use of awards or trophies in advertising, promotional or publicity material must be accompanied by a statement of the actual awards and/or trophies won and the year or years in which they were won and any awards or trophies illustrated must relate to the awards and/or trophies so described.
  4. The only promotional material that may be affixed or attached to a bottle (e.g. label, sticker, neck-tag) to refer to an award, medal or trophy granted in this competition is the official 2018 Marlborough Wine Show sticker or licensed logo. Please contact the organisers if you require the official artwork.

Audit procedure

  1. All wines entered into the 2018 Marlborough Wine Show may be subject to verification of compliance with the regulations of the competition by auditors appointed by the organisers of the competition.
  2. The entrant agrees that organisers of the 2018 Marlborough Wine Show and/or their auditors may inspect stocks and uplift samples of wines bearing the same name details as the entry held at the premises of the entrant and inspect records of wines bearing the same name details as the entry, and agrees to facilitate such an inspection at a mutually convenient time within five days of the date of such request.
  3. Wines available for retail sale may be purchased in the course of the audit.
  4. Wines that are the subject of an audit may undergo sensory evaluation and/or chemical analysis as is appropriate and as directed by either the organisers of the 2018 Marlborough Wine Show, the Chief Judge or both.
  5. In the event of any wrong-doing, costs incurred in any audit, investigation and/or analysis of any entry will be charged to the entrant.

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Thank you to all our sponsors, especially naming sponsor O-I New Zealand.